Our Story Condensed

Our story started in 1998 when an owner of a local dog kennel asked if there was a way to make a website for them. They had seen a website of another kennel owner and also wanted one. All they knew is that we owned computers, we could send emails, and fix computers. At the time we knew next to nothing about creating a website. So, a few days (and a few books read) later we presented the kennel owner with their website. They were beyond impressed. It could send them an email using a form (something we still utilize today), had a photo gallery, and all the information about their kennel, their dogs, themselves, as well as convenient links to download their contracts to utilize their studs or purchase puppies.  

We were paid a whole broken computer (for parts), and a meal at McDonald’s. (Admittedly, it was pretty good, but it still was a pittance even back in the late 90s.)

Flat Rate Pricing

Even though the 90s are decades behind us now we still offer websites at a fraction of the price. We don’t think we’re cheap… We’re affordable. We believe in the simple mantra that no one should have to pay a million bucks to look like they did. We have had some clients tell us after a job that we did it faster and for less than a few other companies that they called for an estimate. We don’t take offense to that. We offer the same (and in some cases more) services than our competitors for less cost than they offer it. What is our secret? Our secret is remote working. When Covid-19 struck so many businesses they scrambled in the effort to become online only. We already were predominately online and remotely working with each other and our clients. We had to make very few changes. We also do not have expensive office space that we need to pay for month by month. This allows us to cut costs and pass those savings on to you! No need to thank us.